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Employers may need to obtain additional positions or products required by OSHA and other government agencies, when any of the individual laws on the state poster, federal poster and federal & state combo poster are updated. All posters should be updated in accordance with state and federal laws. A compliance service representative may contact you to inform you of additional requirements and updates. Employers should also be aware that each of the individual laws on the state and federal posters may be obtained in their original form, either from the governing agency or its website at no cost. Employers will not, however receive updates automatically. To obtain information on how to receive additional postings call customer service at (866)-531-3624


All services and products of compliance services are guaranteed and may be returned within 30 days. A full refund will be given for the total paid  if returned in original conditions without any of the following tears, fold or adhesive of any kind and is accompanied by original receipt, return address listed below, contact customer service at (1-866)-531-3624 for any questions. content will be here.

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